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Hello World
I am just another web developer

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Who am I?

Hi, my name is Stoyan Delev, and I'm from Burgas, Bulgaria.

Currently, I’m working as a web developer, but I have always wanted to be an astronaut, a climber, a footballer, an architect and so many other things, but above all, I’ve always wanted to create and explore, and that's what I like most in my job.

I’m keen on indie rock and when it’s possible I prefer it live. I’m in love with watching and playing football and every week I support my local team as a true fan.

What am I doing?

I build for the web for almost 20 years, and I love doing it and truly believe that the Web is the most amazing platform ever created.

Nowadays my focus is on performance and accessibility, using them to improve and bring the best user experience to everyone.

I currently use mainly React stack.

Contact me

I like to tweet about web development,
sometimes I even write about it in medium
I can be reached at

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